Thursday, September 24, 2009

Samui Mala Blue Day 2009

Staff from Divers in Paradise, The Dive Academy and Planet Scuba hosted children from Bluewaterer School as part of the Samui Mala 2009. The children listened to presentations on Oceans in Trouble, which addressed the problems caused by trash in the Ocean, and Protect the Sharks, which looked at the role Sharks play in the underwater world and how they are in danger due to overfishing and shark finning.

The children then took to the pool where they were introduced to diving and were shown examples of the kind of trash that we regularly see underwater.

The boys and girls from Bluewater were a pleasure to meet and hopefully they learned something new and enjoyed what we had to show them.

One special comment from one of the children at the end of the afternoon after watching Sharkwater, the film showing exactly what happens to sharks to satisfy the Shark finning trade: "We've got to do something about this!!" - let's hope they do.

Great job guys to all those that made the event a success.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Saddle Up

We are pleased to say that the Seahorses that have been resident in Mango Bay for the past month or so are still alive and kicking. There were reports that one of them was seen floating lifeless, but we managed to find both the small one (max 5cm) and the larger one (approx 10cm)(pictured here).

A bit of info on Seahorses: Seahorses are actually fish (not horses) and are part of the same family as Pipefishes. They use camouflage to blend in with their surroundings, which is why they are so difficult to find in Mango Bay. They can change coulour to match the coral or whatever is around them. They usually feed on small crustaceans such as shrimps, which they hoover up using their long snouts.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

On your bike!!

The Dive Academy have just bought 3 new DPV's (Underwater Scooters). The scooters can be used on one of the Adventure Dives for the Advanced Open Water Course or even just to have a bit of fun on a dive tour. And if you really enjoy yourself playing at being James Bond and want to know more, we can do the DPV Specialty Course with you.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What a load of rubbish!!

Sarah came back from her morning walk with the dogs today with more than when she started. Being the morning after full moon, and the party, there was a load of rubbish and debris of all sorts on the beach, ranging from lost flip flops, bottles of wine (empty before she got to it), plastic bottles and the usual fishing net - basically a black rubbish bag full.
There was also a live puffer fish, stranded on its back, panting for breathe on the beach. Sarah managed to get it back into the sea where it swam off to pose somewhere for photos for us divers!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Old Man Reaches 100 (dives not years)

After being a diver for the past 6 years now, my dad has just recently completed his 100th dive. It turned out that I was able to join him for the dive which made it special.

We dived at Twins in Koh Tao, and although we have both dived there a few times before, we had a great dive and saw some great things, including an unusual nudibranch and a fantastic flatworm.

Here's to the next 100, although I think 100 years will come before the next 100 dives!!

The Dive Academy goes blogging

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