Friday, April 2, 2010

One step closer....

The Dive Academy's new Divemaster, Mel, along with Adam from i-Dive, took another step up the PADI ladder by completing the Assistant Instructor Course.

During the four day course they sat through (and managed to stay awake) a number of presentations, including how to teach Confined and Open Water Dives, how to give Knowledge Development Presentations and a few more covering the Standards and Responsibilities of being an AI and an Instructor. They also both very successfully completed the Standards and Procedures Exam.

As part of the course, both Mel and Adam had to give classroom presentations of their own as well as getting a chance to see what it's like to be an Instructor by conducting a Confined Water presentation, where they took on the role of the Instructor and organised and controlled the session and spotted and corrected the problems our terrible students had (thanks for your help with this Tash!!) Mel and Adam also completed the Open Water Skills Circuit and both gave very good demonstrations and got good scores.

To finish off the course we went to Chaweng Reef where Mel and Adam had to give an Open Water Presentation, where they again had the opportunity to be the Instructor to conduct two skills, again with the same dodgy students!! In very bad visibility both of them performed fantastically and both achieved very good scores. They also both successfully completed the Rescue Skill Assessment, again with both giving a great demonstration.

Congratulations to both of them and good luck to Mel when she begins the IDC next week, and good luck to Adam whenever he can afford to do it to!!

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