Thursday, May 27, 2010

His & Hers Advanced & Rescue Courses....

Two Dive Academy regulars, Colin and Claire recently took the next steps in their diving adventure by taking the PADI Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver Courses respectively.

Colin started the Advanced Course by playing James Bond on the underwater scooters followed by fun with a camera on the Underwater Photography dive. The day was made a bit more adventurous by the ride to the second dive site on a rib followed by a backwards roll entry - all part of the fun!! His second day of diving began with a Deep Dive down to 28.5m at Green Rock, where on the way back to the shallows we came across a banded sea snake as well as a really cool, laid back turtle grazing on the coral as well as confronting the swimthroughs Green Rock is well known for. A quick Navigation Dive went without any problems before the final dive of the course, AWARE Fish ID.

Colin goes Deep and the Turtle chilling out

Claire rescues her favourite Instructor and
Colin & Claire give each other premature congratulations

After completing a day in the classroom where she finished the EFR Course, Claire's strength and stamina were put to the test with a hard day of learning the skills needed for the Rescue Course. The skills included dragging her overweight (she says 16 stone so I'm happy with that!)Instructor out of the water and up the beach on her back, lifting the same Instructor off the bottom of the sea and carrying him slowly and safely to the surface, dealing with a crazy panicking diver on the surface and many other things she needed to know to become a good Rescue Diver. She took to the tasks really well and only threw a couple of small hissy fits, so not a bad day! The second day of the course Claire had to put everything she had learned into practise during some "unexpected" incidents during the dives, including searching for a diver that had gone missing and dragging him back to the boat, removing his equipment and giving him rescue breathes to help save his life. Despite being told to deliver the rescue breathes to the chin, Claire was determined to get it right and, much to the victims pleasure, planted a couple of smackers on his lips - what a perfectionist!! And the most important job of the day was when the same overweight Instructor spat out his regulator, threw off his mask and bolted for the surface from 15metres down. Claire managed to grab my leg, slow me down and push the regulator back into my mouth, which basically is what she needed to do to save my life - thanks. Next time though please put my mask back on over my eyes, not over one ear and one eye.

Great jobs you two, look forward to continuing the fun.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Dive Academy goes IDC

The Dive Academy have recently been accepted as a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre. In conjunction with Award Winning Platinum PADI Course Director Camille Lemmens, we will begin offering Instructor Development Courses and PADI Specialty Instructor Courses on Samui.

Achieving the 5 Star IDC status means that The Dive Academy can now help to keep the dwindling IDC market alive on the island, which hopefully will help to ensure there are enough Samui-produced Instructors around to satisfy the demands of the many dive schools on the island.
If you are thinking of a fantastic new career and lifestyle change, or you know somebody that is, contact The Dive Academy to find out about our Go Pro packages.