Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Things that go bump in the Night......

My Dad looking a bit scared in the dark and the beautiful anenome.
Starfish running across the sand Mama crab and baby
My Dad recently completed his Night Dive Specialty by completing 3 dives off Chaweng Beach, over 2 nights. For the first dive we were joined by our friend Vanessa and we all had a slow, relaxed 68 minute dive across the sand. Along the way we saw Stingrays, Starfish, Crabs, many tiny Shrimps, and a few strange looking fish that I have no idea about.
On the second night we were joined by one of our Instructors, Tasha. We decided that rather than go to the reef and have a look around, we would again swim out over the sand and see what we could find. This time we were armed with cameras so we could try to photograph the fantastic things we came across. Unfortunately we didn't see any of the Rays we saw the previous night but we did see many other interesting things: a few beautiful anenomes that I haven't seen anywhere else in the area; again we saw Starfish running across the sand before burying itself to hide; we saw many small fish laying still in the sand, including a baby Flounder that was about 4 inches long; and the highlight was a beautiful crab that was carrying it's baby around trying to escape the attentions of the big bad divers. It scuttled across the sand before settling, giving a massive shimmer of it's body and burying itself in the sand with only it's eyes on show - fascinating to watch.
Congratulations to my Dad for not only completing the Night Dive Specialty, but also for completing the DPV Specialty Course earlier in the day at Koh Tao. That makes 3 Specialty Courses he has completed this trip, having taken the Digital Underwater Photography Course a week or so ago.
Just goes to show, your'e never too old to learn something new!!

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