Monday, November 8, 2010

Our crazy new Dutch Instructor!!

The Dive Academy would like to welcome a new Instructor to the team. Having completed the Instructor Development Course with us last month and the following PADI IE, Marlies managed to complete one Open Water Course before the bad weather set in and now can't wait for monsoon to finish so she can get on with her new job.

Marlies with a box on her head during the usually sensible IDC and getting ready for a Muay Thai fight!!

Marlies has already made many friends on the island, and many of them agree that she is a little bit crazy, but seeing as she does Muay Thai training 3 times a week and is currently in training for her first fight at Chaweng Stadium, we are all a bit scared to tell her to her face!!

We look forward to having Marlies as part of the team for however long she stays on Samui, and with her great attitude, enthusiasm, personality and a bit of guidance from us, we are certain she will become an excellent Instructor that will give our customers the high level of training and maximum amount of fun they have come to expect from The Dive Academy.

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