Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kamalaya staff trained as Emergency First Responders

The Dive Academy recently completed Emergency First Responder training for 4 staff from Kamalaya Resort. To become certified Clive, Andre, Christian and Joanne (pictured left with Marlies) took part in a number of skill practises including when and how to conduct CPR and Rescue breathing, how to deal with choking patients, Shock and Serious Bleeding Management, Spinal Injury Management, Injury and Illness Assessment, Bandaging and how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

Christian practising bandaging and Joanne assessing

Christian giving an injury assessment and Andre doing CPR

We were very happy to give the training to the staff and we would like to congratulate the Resort in making the effort to ensure that in the unlikely event one of their guests has a problem they have a number of staff on hand to give immediate first aid, which could mean the difference between the guest making a complete recovery or something far worse happening.

We will also be happy to provide training to any other resorts that ask!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Diving Instructor by day, Thai Boxer by night.....

Congratuations to The Dive Academy's crazy Dutch Instructor, Marlies, who had her first Muay Thai fight at Chaweng Stadium friday night and we are very proud to say that she severely kicked arse. The fight was stopped in the 2nd round to stop her experienced Thai opponent from getting too badly hurt.

In front of a large group of followers, mainly from the Jungle Gym where she trains, Marlies was too strong (and too tall!!) and had too much power for her opponent, who has had 20 previous fights but last night hardly got a chance to land a punch or kick

Marlies has been training with the guys at the Jungle Gym for the past couple of months and obviously the training has paid off.
Congratulations also needs to go to one of the trainers from the Jungle Gym, Steve, who was also fighting friday night and put in a fantastic performance against a very good fighter from Bangkok. Unfortunately after 5 very tough rounds, the decision want in favour of his Thai opponent and left Steve in need of 6 stitches in a cut above his eye.

Regardless who wins these fights respect should be given to all the fighters for having the courage to even get in the ring and be prepared to take the punishment that quite a few of the fighters took that night.

Well done to Marlies and we are proud she is on our team and not against us - she's very scarey with a pair of boxing gloves on!!