Thursday, January 6, 2011

Picture Perfect

The Dive Academy recently had the pleasure of taking a top UK amatuer Underwater Photographer diving during her stay on Koh Samui. Lisa Collins is a former Sport Diver Magazine Amateur Photographer of the year , recent winner of the Bite Back Shark Conservation Underwater Photography Competition and finalist in many more underwater photographic contests. Lisa regularly writes articles about her many amazing diving journey's to some fantastic destinations and she has exhibited photo's at exhibitions in London and US.

During her stay on Samui the conditions weren't at their best but Lisa was more than happy to dive at any of the spots we could take her to - she just wanted to take pictures. We managed to take Lisa for 2 trips to Koh Tao, including Chumporn Pinnacle and Twins and then for 2 trips to Sail Rock. Fortunately, particularly on the second trip, conditions at Sail Rock were really good and provided Lisa with the opportunity to take some great photos, which she very kindly shared with us. You can see the amazing quality of the photos below.

It was a pleasure to spend time with Lisa above and below the water, listening to her stories about places she has been, and we look forward to maybe diving with her again one day.

To see more of Lisa's fantastic images check out her website:

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