Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Four Seasons Cancer Run

The Dive Academy participated and once again sponsored the Four Seasons Cancer Run this past Saturday. Three of our fantastic Instructors volunteered their time to come out and run the race. We are also pleased to announce that all three actually finished the race as well.

The turn out for the race was wonderful with hundreds of people gathering by the pier at 6:00 in the morning. They started the race off with a group warm up session that got everyone eager for the run. By 7:00 the race had begun with everyone setting off to go the distance. Finish times varied as you could choose if you wanted to run the 10 km, 5 km or the 2 km race.

We are very proud of everyone who came out to show their support for the Four Seasons Cancer run and look forward to seeing everyone again for next years race. Who knows, maybe by this time next year a few more of our Instructors will be brave enough to run the 10 km like Oli did.