Sunday, June 1, 2014

Getting to know Angelfishes

Angelfishes are thought of as some of the most beautiful of all the reef fishes with their flamboyant colors and beautiful patterns. These fish can hardly fail to attract the attention of any audience.

Don't be fooled by it's close resemblance to the Butterfly fish as it is a close relative. They have strong resemblances in their appearances. They share the same flat disk shape and small mouth with bristle like teeth.

You can tell them apart however because they tend to be a big larger, more brightly and flamboyantly colored. If you see a strong long spine near the pectoral fin you know it's a Angelfish because Butterfly Fish do not have these.

Angelfishes spend their daylight hours near the bottom searching for their food and at night time they retire to their crevices. Whether they live alone, in pairs or small groups they tend to be shy creatures keeping their distance from divers and snorkelers. The larger species can produce a series of loud low frequency recognizable drumming sounds that can surprise the unwary diver.

Angelfish usually have sex reversal capabilities clearly demonstrated in their harem society. If the male should disappear the largest dominant female will change her sex and take on her old partners role. That is if she defeats the attempts of the other males. Within three weeks the sex reversal is complete.

Getting to photograph beautiful Angelfish is not something they are too keen on. You have to practice a lot of patience and dedication. Learn to catch them while they are on the move from coral heads to overhangs. When you finally get one , there's nothing like their beautiful and flamboyant colors to make a wonderful photograph.

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