Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The International School of Samui comes to The Dive Academy!

The Dive Academy was very lucky today as we had the International School of Samui come over to the shop for a visit. Ten students and two of their teachers met us at the shop this morning to explore a little bit of what goes on around here.

The original plan was to actually go over to Koh Taen today but due to some unpredictable weather we decided it would be best to hang around the shop. We had the students split up into two groups where one group would head to the pool to learn some equipment set up and get in the water with Nick and Mike while the other group stayed around the shop to learn some Emergency First Response with Oli.

Everyone took a lunch break at noon where we got to eat some fantastic food from Bandara and the students got to run around on the beach and go for a swim in the Ocean. There was also some ping pong available for anyone wanting to take the challenge.

After lunch break the two groups switched locations having those who had not been in the pool yet heading to the pool and those who had not done the Emergency First Response yet heading to the classroom. Everyone was eager to get back at it.

It was a fantastic day today having the International School of Samui coming to explore the world of PADI scuba diving. We are all crossing our fingers and toes that they come back again so we can take them out to the open water now that everyone has had lots of practice with their skills. Thanks for the lovely visit!

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