Thursday, October 30, 2014

October Highlights at The Dive Academy

Although this month has been fairly quiet on Koh Samui, The Dive Academy has been anything but!
We have had lots of people take their first exciting breaths under water this month with Discover Scuba Diving, a fair few PADI Courses including- Bubble Maker, Open Water courses, an EFR and Rescue course and plenty of happy Fun Divers and snorkelers exploring the magical underwater world around Koh Tao and Sail Rock.

The weather this month has been a little unsettled with some pretty impressive thunder storms! However the rain doesn’t last forever and the diving conditions have still been excellent with viz on average ranging from 10m-15m..… and lots to see! Some of what we spotted this month were Butterflyfish, Bannerfish, Giant grouper, Titan triggerfish, White eyed moray eels, Porcupinefish, Squirrelfish, Christmas tree worms, Blue spotted stingrays and Black tip reef sharks!

We met a lovely group recently on a team building event, River and May were certified divers but Quennie, Ted, Roy and Myolie tried diving for the first time! We started off in the swimming pool with a ‘Try Dive’ and they all loved it! So the following day they all ventured out on their team building exercise and completed their Discover Scuba Diving!! Well done guys!!

In other news:

Our new addition to The Dive Academy family, little‘Ginger Ninja’ has settled in well and loves her fancy new collar!

We almost had a new pet squirrel! We think he must have fallen from a tree and Stumpy the cat gently picked him up and bought him to me… luckily he wasn't hurt and after a bit of a cuddle I noticed his mum sat in the tree, I placed him onto the tree trunk and mum came down to collect him!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A great day out on Midnight Blue

We recently had a fantastic day of diving, snorkeling and general frivolity around Koh Tao with three lovely families. The weather was sunny and bright and the journey to Koh Tao was smooth and easy. We did have a 5 minute rainy spell on the way over to Koh Tao, which at the end resulted in a beautiful rainbow.

We did our first dive at Twins where three of the children tried diving for the first time taking Discover Scuba Diving with Claire while Paul took one of the children and two of the grown up’s for a leisurely fundive. John also had his hands full taking the rest of the group snorkeling in the shallows around the lovely Koh Nangyuan.

After the dive we headed to Japanese Garden for lunch where the children had a great time playing games and jumping and summersaulting off the boat… which was very impressive! The adults took the opportunity to relax and enjoy the sunshine!!

Second dive we went to Shark Island for a bit more diving and snorkeling and fortunately the snorkelers saw just as much as the divers – and everybody underwater managed to see loads of fantastic marine life!!

On the way back it stayed lovely and dry and the warm ocean breeze made everyone a little sleepy, especially after the day’s fun and games! Even mum had a bit of a snooze.

Another great day out on Midnight Blue and everybody had a great time. Why don't you come and join us for some fun too!

Monday, October 13, 2014

September highlights at The Dive Academy

September was another great and exciting month of diving and Snorkeling with The Dive Academy with almost daily trips going out to Koh Tao or Sail Rock. The marine life has once again been outstanding, with plenty of sightings of Beaked coralfish, Harlequin sweetlips, Bluespotted stingrays, Hawksbill turtles, Giant moray eels, yellow boxfish and to top it off Whale sharks!!

September was also a very busy month for our PADI courses which has certainly kept our instructors busy! With PADI Scuba Divers, lots of Open Water students, a rescue and EFR course and with Camille running an IDC, we have nearly had the full range of PADI courses run in just one month! A big congratulations to everyone who has completed a course this month, it was great to have you here! And remember keep blowing those bubbles!!

 In other news- our driver Noi has built us a fantastic new table for our customers to relax in the afternoon sun while logging their dives and admiring the view over to Koh Phangan.
We have also had a new Dunk Tank built for washing the equipment which is not only practical it also smartens the place up.

One of our cats, Curly Sue has been a bit under the weather with an infection in her leg… but after a course of antibiotics, lots of love and cuddles and lots of attention from her sister Stumpy, you’ll be pleased to hear she is back to her normal self. And their younger step sister "Ginge" is now hanging out at the dive centre with her sisters so we've got the whole family now!!