Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nurse Shark Movie

Another night dive we did on our recent trip to the Maldives was at a feeding station for Nurse Sharks.

The sharks appeared as we were descending and before long there were around 10-15 around us - a couple up to 3 metres long. There was a strong current which meant we had to hang on to the rocks at the side of the sandy strip the sharks used for feeding but we were still only around 2 metres from them. And with the sharks being very comfortable swimming around the divers there were a few occasions where the sharks actually brushed the divers as they headed towards their food.

A couple of very large sting rays also put in an appearance to add to how special the dive was.

Manta Movie

On our recent trip to the Maldives around 4.30pm one afternoon the boat crew turned on the huge spotlight on the back of the boat in an attempt to attract Manta Ray's - and it worked!! 3 Manta Rays came to the boat and for around an hour played happily under the spotlight..

We got our equipment on and went for a night dive with the Rays and, as we were told they would, the Manta Rays came in close to the group for lots of interaction. They stayed around for about an hour until we finished our dive. After the dive we had dinner on the boat and we could see that the Manta’s were still playing around at the back of the boat, attracted by the spotlight.

A couple of hours after our previous dive me and one other diver from the group decided to make another dive and this time we were lucky enough to have 4 Manta Rays to ourselves. We sat on the floor and just waited for the rays to come to us and they didn’t disappoint as they played around us for the next hour and a quarter, sometimes bumping into us as they glided past. With spans of up to 5 metres the Manta’s completely blocked out the light from the boat as they swam over us within inches of our regulator, so close that we felt we had to duck at times to avoid them bumping in to us.

Apologies for the poor quality of the video but one of the reasons the ray's stayed around for so long was because of the particles in the water so please forget the quality and  enjoy the Manta Rays as much as we did.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dive log 15th & 16th November

We had beautiful weather yesterday and two great dives at Sail Rock. Viz was also good at 15-20m and we saw Giant moray eels, white eyed moray eels Pipefish, Trevally, Barracuda Fusiliers, Shrimp, Crabs, Beaked coralfish and Batfish.

Today we headed to Koh Tao and although the weather wasn't quite as nice as yesterday the diving was great! Our first dive was at Twins, viz was good at 15m and we spotted a few Blue spotted stingrays Yellow boxfish, Parrot fish, Rabbit fish and Saddleback anemonefish. After a break for lunch and a heavy shower we went on to White Rock. Viz was similar to Twins at around 15m and again there was plenty to see including-  Angelfish Filefish, Great baracudda and lots of Triggerfish!

Well done to all our divers today and a big congratulations to Haroldo who completed his Open Water Course!!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Dive Log 14th November

Another lovely sunny day as we journeyed to dive Koh Tao today. Our first stop was at Twins, viz was ok at 8-10m but still lots to see! including- Angelfish, Blue spotted stingrays, Boxfish and Trigger fish.
After a delicious lunch we headed to White Rock for our second dive of the day. Viz was still 8-10m and we saw, more Angelfish, Parrot fish, Bannerfish and another Bluespotted stingray!

Well done to everyone today and a big congratulations to Katie, Alex, Daniel and Carolina on completing Discover Scuba Diving!!! Keep blowing bubbles guys!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dive Log 12th November

We've had a great time today diving Chumphon Pinnacle and Laem Thian!
Viz at Chumphon was 10-15m with a little bit of a current, but nothing our divers couldn't manage and plenty of marine life to see! We saw schools of Fusilier and Great Barracuda, Giant Grouper, Pink anemonefish and Lionfish.

After a break for lunch we journeyed back to Koh Tao to dive Laem Thian. Viz had dropped slightly to 8m but there was still lots to see including Harlequin Sweetlips, Angelfish, Butterflyfish, Queenfish and Blue spotted stingrays.

Well done to everyone today, we hope you enjoyed the trip and you enjoy the rest of your holiday!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dive Log 7th November

Its been a rainy day on Koh Samui but we've had another great trip to Sail Rock and two exciting dives! Although the weather was a little changeable the sea was flat and viz was good at 15m.
There was lots to see today including- Box fish, Angel fish, Harlequin sweetlips, Grouper, Porcupine fish, yellow tail barracuda, Fusilier and a white eyed moray eel and a lot more!

Well done to all our divers today we hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did!

Dive log 6th November

A beautiful day and two great dives at Sail Rock! Viz was good at 10-15m and there was plenty to see as always... including schools of Barracuda, Butterflyfish, Bannerfish, Becked coral fish and Titan triggerfish.
Well done to Natalie and Tahiia who completed Discover Scuba diving!! Congrats guys!!

If you would like to try diving or are interested in PADI courses or dive tours then check out our website!! The Dive Academy Samui