Saturday, January 10, 2015

Divemaster training at The Dive Academy

For the last couple of weeks Sisi and Stephanie have been put through their paces as Divemaster trainees. During one of the busiest times of the year, they have both been experiencing a variety of workshops and practical training sessions that they are required to complete to make that first step onto the Professional ladder.  So far so good and we are seeing good progress being made. The equipment exchange was successfully completed today as was their Rescue assessment and we had more skill circuit practise, mastering skill demonstration. Tomorrow Sisi is working with students completing their Advanced Open Water course and will oversee their Navigation dive as well as practising some more guiding and leading certified divers, whilst Stephanie as a Samui resident is having a day off before she goes back to her day job on Monday! Keep up the good work guys and you'll make great Pro's.

Stephanie and Sisi getting their buddy breathing going before starting the equipment exchange

Stephanie giving rescue breaths to an unconscious diver

Stephanie continuing rescue breathing after removing equipment

Sisi bringing an unconscious diver to the surface

Sisi removing equipment whilst towing

Sisi keeping the Rescue breaths going

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