Monday, June 8, 2015

May highlights

May is usually a quieter time on Samui but last month customers just kept on coming, so we remained pretty busy at The Dive Academy! The weather has stayed hot and mostly dry as well, with only one stormy weekend and a few evenings of rain.

We have been seeing lots of juveniles around lately which is great news and shows that the reefs around Koh Samui are generally healthy. The kind of youngsters we've been seeing are: Black tip Reef sharks, Needlefish, Angel fish, Bat fish, Fusiliers and Barracuda. Unfortunately though, we are having to watch a couple of the shallower reefs as there are signs of coral bleaching. The water temperature is now 31c and with the many tourists visiting these waters wearing lots of suntan lotion, the coral does get affected. So please remember, if you are putting sun cream on, apply it 30-45 minutes before entering the water, so that it soaks into your skin as opposed to going into the ocean!

There were also some big fish sightings last month!! A few times at Sail Rock and a couple at Chumphon Pinnacle and Southwest Pinnacle. We love Whale Sharks!

Paul & Claire headed over to Koh Tao for a couple of days last month to meet up with other PADI Staff Instructors, Course Directors and PADI Examiners for an Instructor Development Update and also a Risk Management seminar. A number of topics were covered including an outline of diving accident statistics in Thailand. One of the discussions and workshops was to how best to lead and manage Discover Scuba Divers safely given they are taking their first breaths underwater and have never dived before or had any prior training and therefore carry the highest risk factor. So a DSD workshop was carried out in the pool looking at the various methods for leading these types of customer around a dive site.  One of the questions we often get asked is "can you take photographs of us". It is against PADI standards for an Instructor to be taking photographs with DSD's. As safety is our top priority at The Dive Academy and we pride ourself in our 100% safety record and care for our customers, we do have to turn down such requests to take photographs. Whilst we recognise that other dive centres do offer this, we will do our utmost to take photographs with an additional Instructor present but only if we can do so without compromising your safety!

We are building a new and more experienced team at The Dive Academy right now to reflect our ever growing customer base and also our dedication to building great new divers and Instructors. Welcome to Michelle, Serena & Dan and have a look at our About Us page for more information about them.

See you next month!