Thursday, September 3, 2015

August Highlights at The Dive Academy

So it's been a funny month has August! Overall a good month for The Dive Academy and diving on Koh Samui and it kicked off to a very busy start! Despite various businesses around Samui feeling that tourist numbers were down this high season, fortunately we still saw many people wanting to blow bubbles! The weather, as is typical in high season (Noi always says "have big wave have customer, no wave no customer!), has been problematic at times, forcing cancelled trips on a few occasions due to rough seas. But safety is our number 1 priority as is the comfort of our customers so sometimes we have to give in to the weather.

We have a new Captain who joined our team this month. Rit has been working on diving speedboats on Samui for over 10 years and is very well known and liked and has exceptional customer service skills. He is a great asset to The Dive Academy and we're really pleased he has joined the team to take care of Midnight Blue! Sadly he is a Liverpool supporter but you can't have everything!

August has been a month of Specialities with many people requesting Nitrox courses as well as Peak Performance Buoyancy, Navigation and Deep Diver. There are always options in the PADI education system to learn new skills and develop additional skills without necessarily taking the next level course up. So if you don't feel ready to go to the next level, maybe just broaden your skills instead?
Very soon we will be adding Self-Reliant Diver & Sidemount to the Specialities we will be offering!

Otherwise we have had another high number of entry level courses being accomplished including many new Discover Scuba Divers. One thing many customers request is for underwater photographs so that they have a memory of their first experience and whole day out on the boat with us. We totally understand this desire and why not, it is a memorable experience! But as a PADI 5 * dive centre, we do take PADI standards very seriously and it is simply not allowed for an Instructor to be taking photos whilst they are taking Discover Scuba participants.  The safety of the customer - who has never been underwater before - is paramount and if the Instructor is busy taking photos then they are not concentrating on you! Whilst it is easy to take photographs, we believe your life and reducing all possible risks are more important and whilst you may find other dive schools offering you photos (often for free to entice you), please do consider this and what this could mean. We will always try and ensure there is another instructor available to take some snaps of you or why not consider hiring one of our compact underwater cameras or Go-Pro with selfie stick so you can take photos yourself!

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See you next month!