Saturday, October 10, 2015

September Highlights at The Dive Academy

It can sometimes be a challenging thought process before writing a blog about what will be interesting to our we have some exciting news to share with you all about our new dive centre that we have been shaping over the last 2 months. More details will follow in a couple of weeks once we are fully open so we don't want to spoil all the news but here is a little taster for now.....

So after 10 years of the The Dive Academy being located at the Bandara resort & spa in Bophut, we have really outgrown the space we have there and it was time to find new premises for us. So just 200m along the road in the centre of Bophut, we have our new purpose built Dive Centre.

This is a huge space where we now have a double fronted office for bookings and browsing our retail section for any diving, snorkeling or swimming items you may need. Step further inside and we have 2 large, air conditioned training rooms - one for IDC's and one for non-professional courses and behind that is our equipment room which comfortably now houses our 30+ sets of equipment as well as affording us space for maintenance and repairs.

The most exciting news is our purpose built 3.5m deep swimming pool on site. There is no other diving training pool on Samui like it and will enable us to simulate real diving in a relaxed, training environment for all courses

We will still be located on the beach at the Bandara but this will now be a booking office only and just where Midnight Blue will be moored. So everything is still in close proximity!

This month, we had a couple of whale shark sightings at Sail Rock which was great after such a long absence but visibility has been great with lots of fish around everywhere and conditions for diving and snorkeling just perfect. So for anyone who might be thinking it's low season, now is a great time to come to Koh Samui as the weather is great, calm seas and lots of fab things to see underwater - and not many people!!

Paul has been busy with some Instructor Specialities which is a great way for an Instructor to broaden their experience and be able to teach a variety of options to their customers. We have now also added Sidemount and Self-Reliant diver to our available Specialities for both divers & Instructors. On Samui this is something that is exclusively only offered at The Dive Academy.

Our littlest team members Monkey & Tiger are growing and poo'ing like you wouldn't believe! Now about 4 months old, they are venturing out into the wider office space, causing havoc as they go! We hope Ninja is not going to be too put out once they meet! Soon we'll be offering child minding services as well ;)

Watch out for the next Dive Centre installment coming soon......

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