Thursday, March 17, 2016

February Highlights

So the year is steaming ahead and February albeit a short month seemed to be over in a flash! The weather was a mixed bag with some bumpy seas still but hot sunny days with clear blue skies and it seems as though the strong wind has finally gone. The visibility has cleared up and we're getting some great dives in. We've also been seeing turtles fairly often on our dives which is nice to see again and of course they help to keep the jelly fish at bay and fortunately we haven't seen any box jellyfish around for a while now.

During last month, we had the pleasure of introducing 2 children from Finland to the underwater world. Both Bjorn & Michael aged 8 & 10 completed all of their Seal Team & Master Seal Team Aquamissions as well as then going on to do a Bubblemaker and some more snorkeling! The dive centre pool had flood lights on for the night dive, a submerged wreck, a space station and we used a lift bag once we had completed some search & recovery of objects. It was great fun and they even had their own full set of equipment already. Maybe they will be Instructors in the making. Dad Eric wasn't to be left out and completed 3 specialities as he is working towards his PADI Master Scuba Diver rating. Equipment Specialist, Emergency O2 Provider and Digital Underwater Photography were all successfully completed and our instructors all enjoyed teaching some new things!

PADI released their Elite Instructor awards for 2015 which is awarded to the top-certifying Instructors in the World and distinguishes PADI professionals by highlighting their experience as PADI Members and gives them the means to promote their elite status to student divers, potential students, prospective employers and others. 3 of The Dive Academy's Instructors were on the list; Steve & Dan were awarded the Elite 50 and Claire received the Elite 100. This is for certifying more than that number of students in the previous year. We are really proud of our team and we hope you are too!

And no surprise here in Thailand, we have some more animals to add to our Dive Academy zoo. As we have an open door and leave food open for our cats, of course this does encourage other neighbourhood cats to come in. Well one friendly local cat decided to choose our equipment room as the place for her to give birth to 3 kittens! So as we always try and do as soon as they are old enough we will try and find good homes and ensure we can get the mother neutered.

February saw a few celebrations for the team. Our Course Director Paul turned 50! You'd never guess from the grey hair ;) and Paul & Claire also decided to get married finally! As a special treat for the celebrations Paul & Claire headed over to Ecuador for a much earned holiday in the Galapagos. We won't spoil it here as a blog will follow with all the exciting photos.

 Great buoyancy in outer space
 Egg & spoon race
 Using the lift bag to raise an object to the surface
 Underwater photography and Night Diving
 Dad Eric being photographed

Bjorn and Michael

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