Thursday, May 26, 2016

Why have we cancelled our tours?

Koh Samui is a tropical island with all year round diving, however like anywhere in the world, we do experience bad weather from time to time, which in our line of business means this can affect us being able to dive or take the boat out.

We will always be honest with our customers and if we and our Captain feel that rough sea conditions as a result of strong wind, means that safety will be compromised, we will cancel our tours. We understand when you are on holiday this can be disappointing but your safety and enjoyment is our top priority. 

After all, a very bumpy journey that takes twice as long as normal, make you sea sick and scared and then you get to the dive site to find the visibility is 2m, is not what you have paid for nor is enjoyable!

This week's stormy weather that has created 3m waves out at sea and sadly claimed the lives of some tourists in a speedboat accident with another company, has prompted us to write this article. Many customers upon having their tour cancelled have either questioned us or requested us to provide them with details of another company who may be going out - the sea is the same sea!!! It can be very deceiving when the sun is shining and the sea in your hotel's sheltered bay is nice and calm but this does not represent reality in open sea unfortunately.

We can not emphasise enough that the reason we cancel our tours is through no reason other than as a responsible company looking out for your safety and enjoyment. Please, please stay safe and if any operator who you have booked a tour with involving a boat tells you they are cancelling due to poor conditions, take their advice and relax in the spa or by the pool instead!

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