Thursday, March 1, 2018

Want to dive but you may as well be a bat?

Like me, you may have been born with or developed short sightedness, meaning you need glasses to go about your every day life. Some people may think that this prevents them from diving because they don't feel comfortable wearing contact lenses or are even not sure if it is suitable to wear contact lenses.

Well, firstly lets put paid to the myth about contact lenses. There is absolutely no problem wearing lenses whilst diving and if you need to complete any mask clearing exercises on a course or indeed just need to clear your mask whilst diving, you can just close your eyes and after a couple of blinks you won't feel a thing - the lenses do not pop out!!

Alternatively and here's a great solution for everyone, you can buy masks with prescription lenses. There are specific style masks that are designed to have the lenses changed for a prescription, usually coming in -1.0 increments. This way you can be absolutely sure you will be able to see the magnificent underwater world wherever you go; with the added bonus of knowing the mask fits you perfectly!

Here at The Dive Academy, we have 5 prescription masks available for rent with varying degrees of dipoter. Ask us about the rental and purchase options and don't let poor eyesight prevent you from diving!

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