Monday, April 9, 2018

Buddy Separation

One of the important things you learn when you complete your Open Water course is about separation and emergency procedures should you find yourself missing from your buddy or your group.

Separation can and does occur due to many possible reasons such as currents, poor visibility, poor formation of the group and even taking photos can cause one buddy to get left behind.

After reading another story yesterday about 2 divers who were rescued some 8km away from their boat and dive site, it reminds you to reinforce the buddy separation rule and clearly communicate this between your buddy teams before EVERY dive. 

However, it is amazing how many people do not know what this rule is or what they should do in this event, despite being taught about it when they learned to dive. Certified divers who maybe just dive recreationally once a year on holiday perhaps forget about some key safety procedures, instead relying on or assuming their dive guide will take care of them.

So remember, Buddy Separation:

1. Look around in the area you last saw your buddy for 1 minute. Do a full 360 degree look around you as well as upwards and downwards, look for bubbles, fin flashes etc. Use a tank banger if necessary. 

2. Deploy your surface marker buoy and slowly ascend to the surface, watching out for boats as per a standard ascent. You do not do a safety stop. 

3. At the surface, hopefully your buddy is there also or joins you shortly afterwards.

Remember always inflate your BCD's at the surface, use surface marker buoys and whistles to attract attention. And ensure you go over your plan before every dive!

Come and dive with us and we will ensure you stay safe no matter whether you are learning to dive or doing a dive or snorkel tour.

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