Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Diving Insurance

Sometimes we get asked whether it is important to have insurance when going Scuba diving. Basically this is coverage for rescue, medial and transportation expenses in case of any diving incidents.

Most travel insurance policies do cover divers for recreational diving up to the limit of their certification level but sometimes people don't even have travel insurance in place, which is quite scary!

So is going diving without any insurance in place risky? Diving overall is a very safe sport but you can never rule out every risk out there. So diving without insurance is a bit like driving a car without insurance, there are always outside influences despite how careful you are or how well you stick to limits and rules.

Diving insurance is very cheap and easy to obtain and most allow you to select what options/expenses you wish to cover. So why leave it, if you are a casual diver mostly on holiday, then simply ensure you have a travel insurance policy in place that covers you for recreational diving in the destination where you are going on holiday. Or if you are a more seasoned diver, then we highly recommend DAN for all diver insurance. DAN also have a great advice channel for any worries or questions.

As members of the SSS recompression chamber network, The Dive Academy automatically qualify for coverage of up to 75% of costs for our customers or staff should they need recompression treatment.

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